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The Aramaic Prayer of Jesus (DVD)  

The Noohra Foundation is proud to offer this 2-DVD album consisting of six half hour programs presented by Dr. Rocco A. Errico on the AIB television network in Atlanta, Georgia.

In this special and unique series, you will learn to say the Lordís Prayer in Jesusí own language, Aramaic. Using his own translation from the Aramaic language, Dr. Errico takes you through the prayer word by word and line by line, with the Aramaic words transliterated on display cards, enabling you to see as well as hear the words.

Additionally, Dr. Errico delves into the meaning of each line of the prayer, bringing fresh insight and a deeper and richer understanding of these famous words of Jesus. Even those not interested in learning to speak the Lordís Prayer in Aramaic will find great value in this part of the teachings.

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