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The Bible & Ancient Mesopotamian Myths:“CREATION AND THE GARDEN OF EDEN” (8 CD Album)  

This series presents an insightful and revealing perspective on ancient Near Eastern cultures and language from which the Scriptures emerged. Myths tend to be thought of as fairy tales or something not believable and most definitely false. But that is not the genuine meaning of myth.

Most people are familiar with Greek stories, gods and goddesses, but not the stories of the land between the Tigress and Euphrates rivers. The biblical stories begin in this region. Dr. Errico presents a clear and helpful understanding of the first three chapters of Genesis. He pulls back the veil and takes you behind the epic stories of Creation, Adam and Eve, the Garden of Eden and the creation stories of Atrahasis, Gilgamesh, and the Enuma Elish.

Topics also include: Women’s role in the ancient and modern world — positive or negative? Is Eve responsible for evil in the world? The Mysterious tree of knowledge.

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