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The Kingdom, the Cross & Christianity: The Epistles of Paul - Part 1 (8-CD Album)  

Paul?s epistles need to be understood from his Near Eastern perspective as advice, encouragement, admonitions, and some insight into Jesus? joyful message of God?s active presence in the world. In studying his epistles we also need to realize that he was addressing the problems of the times and that certain guidance he presented to the churches is based on the religious, Near Eastern social culture of those times. Some of the topics and issues explored in this seminar: The Difference Between the Gospel According to Jesus and the Gospel Presented by Paul; Challenges the Newly Formed Congregations Faced in the Greek Culture; Paul?s Understanding of Salvation for the Jews and Gentiles; Idol Worship and Homosexuality; the Role Women Play in the Church; Speaking in Tongues; Is Paul the Founder of Christianity?

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