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Aramaic Light On James Through Revelation (Aramaic New Testament Series Vol 7)  

This final volume in the Aramaic New Testament series presents new insights into and understanding of the General Epistles, James through Jude, which were admonitions and teachings written to the churches and scattered early Jewish believers in Jesus of Nazareth. It also brings greater clarity to the use of Semitic idiomatic expressions and decodes the Near Eastern, Semitic symbolism employed by the book of the Revelation. Dr. Errico and Dr. Lamsa unlock many misunderstood passages and teachings that the authors of the general epistles used when writing their letters. They also open and shed light on the mysterious and puzzling symbols of the Revelation, showing what these symbols meant for the people of that era, such as: The Seven Glden Lampstands, the Seven Spirits of God, the Name and Mark of the Beast, the New Jerusalem, the return of the Tree of Life with its healing leaves, the River of Life, and much more.

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