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Aramaic Light on Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Lamentations (Aramaic Old Testament Series Volume 5)  

Volume 5 is a unique commentary based on the Aramaic language and ancient Near Eastern customs. It carries you back to the 8th century CE, providing an unusual perspective and insight into the books of the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah and the lamentations of Jeremiah. It offers understanding into many difficult oracles and prophecies of these two major prophets, who were spokesmen for justice, compassion, and social rejuvenation that could only come about by turning to God the source of love and compassion.

This inimitable commentary acts as a Near Eastern guide, revealing to the Western mind a more intimate picture of the socio-religious, Semitic culture and psychological environment of this period. Dr. Errico and Dr. Lamsa unlock and clarify many misunderstood biblical passages and open the way to comprehend the visions of the prophets. Abraham J. Heschel defined a prophet as: . . . a person who sees the world with the eyes of God . . . a person who holds God and man in one thought at one time, at all times . . . who suffers harms done to others. . . . Living in dismay, he has the power to transcend dismay

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